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Especially in a very early phase of the project, initial
assessments of feasibility, project costs and schedule are of
eminent importance.
Due to the great project experience we are able to carry out a
first concept evaluation. In principle, we can already offer this
on the basis of first hand sketches. Our customers value this
service, as there are already initial statements in advance to
optimize the first development steps.


We support our customers with tailor-made internal and, if
reguired, also with external engineering services by evaluated
partner companies. This includes:

  • Article construction and optimization
  • Process and material choice
  • prototyping
  • feasibility study
  • Moldflow analysis
  • Mechanical calculations
  • Design FMEA
  • Cost presentation and optimization

project management

We produce individual project planning for each project
according to the specific requirements.
Together with our tool and process specialists, 3D data and
2D product drawings are finalized or areas defined for a steelsafe design of the data with a view to a later simpler
optimization of the component dimensions.
As a rule, our project managers look after the customer right
from the start through to series approval.

Design and procurement



Efficiency and longevity

Tool design, along with steel selection, decides most of the
cost of a tool. Together with a competent machining of the
steel, these factors significantly determine the efficiency and
longevity of the tool. This may become more important over
the life of the production.

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Although the production of small and medium series is administratively
complex, we have decided to reproduce the entire production process on
SAP. This enables us to maintain the flexibility required of our clientele with
reasonable effort and to be able to satisfy our customers by almost 100%.
Decisive, in addition to the availability of raw materials, is the use of our
qualified plastics technologists, who carry out the rebuilding of the
machines or processes and supervise them up to series approval.
Once approved by responsible plastics technologists, the production is
carried out automatically with regular checks according to the parts
specification) or partially operated, depending on the requirements. Our
employees are all trained as self-assessors and rotate the workplace at
intervals of 2 to 4 hours.
The basic principle in production is that quality is produced and not
subsequently tested.

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follow-up processes

Increase in value through further processing


Attachments or assemblies and assemble them into
functional groups or up to the finished packed end product.

Pad printing and hot

In addition, processes such as pad printing or paint finishes
are used for further finishing. Depending on the desired
process, we can implement this internally or externally for you
at our evaluated partners.

screw in



packaging concepts

product protection

Packaging concepts, from simple cardboard boxes to wire
mesh boxes with inserts to special transport and storage
containers, are developed together with our customers and, if
necessary, optimized over time.

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Logistics concepts

Today, a variety of logistics services are requested by our



We have an extensive offer in this area, eg customer and
consignment stock or Kanban deliveries.
Of course we deliver worldwide.


We endeavor to minimize logistics costs for our customers
and are happy to show ways to do so.



Procurement of materials



tool storage

Locally separated tool bearings


Optimal storage

A professional storage of the injection molds and their
maintenance contribute to the long-term preservation of
investment in the means of production.
Our tool stores are heated and offer the highest possible
Only a first-class service ensures the security of supply with
injection molded parts for our customers.