Entrepreneurial responsibility




Espisa AG is working to reduce the environmental impact continuously. This systematically records our resource
consumption, defines goals for its reduction and monitors their achievement.





A sound economic basis is essential to Espisa AG's commitment to society, the environment and its employees.
Our actions are always geared towards sustainability. The efficient use of resources is important to us.

Espisa AG operates an active issue and risk management with the focus on creating an optimal environment for the ongoing business activities and development opportunities of our company.

Social Commitment

As regionally and internationally active company, Espisa AG assumes responsibility in its social environment, which goes beyond its own business activities. Thus we support the activities of the clubs at the production site and, whenever possible, obtain services from the immediate vicinity.

The satisfaction of our employees and a balance of work and private life are the prerequisites for motivation and efficiency. Espisa AG therefore promotes the agreement between work and family and offers opportunities for professional qualification and further development.