espisa Gebäude

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1976 Foundation of the collective company by Ernst Spielmann

1977 transformation into an AG, first trials by injection molding

1979 Acquisition of the company by Albert Stoll Giroflex

1982 Turnaround, first time in the profit zone

1983 Use of prepregs

1985 Relocation of the headquarters to Koblenz and construction of a new 920 m2 building

1987 Extension for production trays with 280 m2

1996 ISO initial certification according to ISO 9002

1998 Task of the hot pressing department

1999 new office building

2003 Completion of new hall, incl. Sliding warehouse with Tooo pallets

2006 Injection molding machines from 50 to 1250 t clamping force

2007 New large machine T6001 closing force

2011 New 500t 2-componenl injection molding machine for 2-componenl technology

2013 Completion Expansion of 600 m2, 350 m2 of tool storage and 350 m2 of office space

2015 Family Forster completely lakes over the Giroflex Group

2017 Acquisition of the Giroflex Group by the Scandinavian Flokk Group

2018 Espisa AG has been purchased by entrepreneur managed Aeterna AG

facts and figures

  • Company founded july 14, 1976
  • Legal form joint stock company
  • Employees 50
  • Certification ISO 9001
  • Location Koblenz, Switzerland
  • Machinery 60 to 1600t closing force
  • Number of SGM 18 machines with handling
  • Materials> 200 thermoplastics
  • Shot weight 0.5 to 8'000g
  • Annual consumption Tooot granules
  • Shift model 3 shift operation, including sampling
  • Tools inventory> T600 pieces
  • Procurement up to 20l> 130 new tools / a
  • Shareholdings Aeterna AG